Understanding the need and importance of microfilming for the preservation of rare and important publications of the library TUCL applied for the Japanese Governments Cultural Grant Aid in 1996. The library applied continuously until our application was success. Microfilming equipments was provided under the Japanese Governments Cultural Grant to TUCL in 2003. The cost of equipments is Rs 22 million.

The Microfilm Unit was established in the library after the receipt of microfilming equipments under Cultural Grant Aid of the Government of Japan in Oct 4, 2004. The Microfilm unit consists of Microfilm Cameras, Processor, Scanner, Reader, Printer etc.

The library has large collection of special materials like books on Nepal, Rare books and journal collection, Master level Dissertation, Ph. D. Thesis, and Manuscripts etc. The library has started microfilming of those special library materials on priority basis. The catalogue of the microfilmed material is prepared and the original documents are preserved. At present we are microfilming the rare books and journals and Mahesh Chandra Regmi's collection. The microfilming work is continuing. The microfilm unit is providing microfilm reading and printing service to the research scholars on request.