Collection Development

Acquisition involves acquiring of library materials keeping in view of the requirements of the curriculum of the Masters' Degree programmes of Central Departments of Tribhuvan University and according to the need of the teachers, students and research scholars. Every year, besides purchase, the library also receives books as gifts in the form of. Donations. Usually the donors are national and international persons as well as institutions. The donation has helped the library to a great extent in terms of collection building and sustaining the library.

Collection Development The essence of a library is the collection. Long ago, American scholar Carlyle said. that true University is a collection of books. Being an academic library’s its prime objective is to serve the academic community of the University. But people of all walk of life use this library. Therefore, there is a need of collection of materials to serve the diverse nature of our users. The library develops the collection in the following ways:

  1. Purchase
  2. Gift
  3. Exchange
  4. Depository library
  5. ISBN National Coordinating Agency


  1. Purchase: Library allocates budget to the Central Department of Tribhuvan University each year After the receipt of the budget from the T.U. Central Office. The Heads of each Department provide the recommendation of the required titles to the library. The acquisition section completes the ordering process. The librarian selects books on Nepal, books published from Nepal, Reference books and some bestseller's books. Unless specified all books are purchased single copy.
  2. Gift: The library receives Books, Thesis, Dissertations, Reports, Government Publications and electronic materials as gift from individual collection, authors, local institutions, Research Centers, Embassies, etc. Exchange: The library receives books, documents and other reading materials from different local institutions and international organizations on exchange programme.
  3. Depository library: Library receives documents from different national and International organization like United Nations, Asian Development Bank, International Development Research Center, Asian Productivity Organization, IBRD, etc. These organization have declared our Library as a Depository Library for their publication
  4. National ISBN Agency: The library as a National ISBN Agency for Nepal receives one Copy of each publishers publication. as a ISBN copy

Organization of Documents The documents are arranged on shelves by subject according to Dewey Decimal Classification scheme. Different categories of books are arranged in different location as per the following sequence. General books in general section, reference nooks, text books, books on Nepal and United Nations Collection etc. The sequences are as follows:

= Reference
CS  = Close Section
= Text Book
UN  = United Nations
= Dissertations and Theses
= Periodical
AS  = American Studies
JS  = Japanese Studies
SC  = Singha Collection