Constituent Assembly Corner (CAC)

Mr. Krishna Mani Bhandry Present librarian of TUCL appropriately and on timely established a Constituent Assembly Corner (CAC) on November 2006.It is a well known fact that election of Constituent Assembly is; a national agenda. It is historical event happening in Nepal. Bhandary thought how the library can help in the historical agenda of the nation. Certainly the library has some documents on CA. They are collected and organized in a separate room As a CAC. At the moment there are  200 of books in English and Nepali, articles published in journals and newspaper, magazine etc. The library received 15 volumes of books on Constituent Assembly from American Centre, Kathmandu. The  Library has acquired  the Encyclopedia  of  Constitution of the  World  2 vols.  The library has acquired separate constitution  of  more then twenty   countries. The constitution of India 5vols is also available in the corner. More than 5000 visitor have used the collection. Many of them have expressed their opinion on CA and its establishment at TUCL and appreciated the effort of establishment of CAC. All interested on CA are welcome to use CAC.