Library organizes books, documents, photographs, drawing etc. on the occasion of special days


The initial introduction of E-journals in TUCL was through the participation in the Programme for Enhancement of Research Information (PERI) of international network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP).

Under PERI programme TUCL lunched NepJOL Nepali Journal Online. The main objective of the NepJOL is to upload peer reviewed Scientific Journals published fromNepal and make world wide access. By end of 2014 more than 97 journals are included in NepJOL.

The library installed DSpace software since 2014 as a continuous process to digitize the rare and important collection of the library. At present the full text received in CD ROM of the Master Degree Dissertation, M.Phil and Ph. D. thesis are uploading. TUCL is looking for external assistance for further digitization of library materials.
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(Retrospective Conversion of Catalogue Cards)

Retrospective Conversion of Catalogue Cards is a process of converting manual record into machine readable form. TUCL has approximately one hundred thousand records which are still on catalogue cards and library is planning to convert these records into machine readable form. Library is exploring financial resources for the process.